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Matting Miners mossMatting Miners mossMatting Miners moss
  • Matting Miners moss
  • Matting Miners moss
  • Matting Miners moss

Matting Miners moss

Art. nr: 160

Note! - Miners Moss sold per square decimeter (dm2) - Note! 


For those of you who want to build their own sluice box.


Miners Moss, or Nomad Matting as it is also called, is the most popular mat by gold prospectors.

We now sell the Miners Moss in 1.2 meter wide and 10 meter long rolls.


The price is per square decimeter dm2.


Figure out how big size you want to have, add so many pieces to the basket and when you are in the "Checkout" you write us a message so we know how to cut out your piece. 

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Product description


Preferably you should combine Miners Moss with a piece of V-ribbed matting (Rubber Matting V-Ribbed) in the sluice, with a piece of expanded metal on top for optimal gold recovery.



It is hard to get all of the gold out of Miners Moss, making it a not so good option when prospecting. (You don't want to have any gold left from av previous prospect in the matting.)


But it is a very good option when digging in the same place.