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Postal and visiting address:


Guldvägen 37

SE-570 15 Holsbybrunn 


Tel: 0383 - 460 000 or 0383-460110

Fax: 0383 - 460 109

Mobile: 0702 - 845 116 






Org. No: 556478 - 4675

Postgiro​​: 75 44 32-3

Bank account: 187 - 8891 


Open: All year round at. 08-18

Sundays: Closed


Here whit us all are considered the same whether you're a beginner or one of the world's most talented geologist, we have the same thing in common, we are all looking for something. Some are looking for gold, others for adventure and a third for technical stuff, or maybe something fun to do with the family.


We here at GuldStröm has been involved in digging gold in 40 years and during this time we have developed many new things, some good and obviously some that were not as good. 


Our goal is not to make as much money as possible but to help, so that things develop. Today we have many new technological things to our aid, including metal detectors, new gold digging carvers, improved variants of old machines. 


this field is always developing and we will try to keep you updated via this website and present you whit the newest information in a good way. 


We also have a forum where anyone is welcome, and then we realy mean anyone, and you can talk about whatever you like as long as you keep within the ethical rules called "common sense." More detailed ethical rules can be found on the forum.


Warm Welcome:

Rolf Gukdström