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FP-10 magnetometerFP-10 magnetometerFP-10 magnetometerFP-10 magnetometer
  • FP-10 magnetometer
  • FP-10 magnetometer
  • FP-10 magnetometer
  • FP-10 magnetometer

FP-10 magnetometer

Art. nr: 470
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Product description

FP- 10 is very easy to handle. Automatic setting at startup.
Sensitivity can be set incredibly high ( to find small or deep objects. ) The " see through " land, water, ice and snow.
FP- 10 can be much more than what other magnetometers can. It has a feature that makes it possible to find such as a boarder-mark beside a steel roof ( the fence interferes with the normal magnetometers ) or a gully next to a car ( car disturbs the normal magnetometers ) .
It finds only iron, steel and magnetic metals , such as . boundary markers , fixed points , small and large drain cover , valve stems , tanks, oil drums , sheet metal coffins, buried steel pipe , rebar ,  nail etc. . It does not react at all on non- magnetic metals such as copper , brass, alluminum , pulltab , tinfoil , etc.
FP- 10 will find magnetic metals significantly deeper than a standard detector does.
FP- 10 has a display that shows exactly when the detector is held directly above the object. It appears both in figures and in a stack.
FP- 10 shows the presence of interference from electrical fields nearby.
The probe is waterproof ; electronics are not waterproof (but it is splash proof) .
2 years warranty
Swedish manual
Batteries are included.
We do not sell any " slimmed-down low-cost detectors ." Ours are complete, with everything that came with from the factory.
Cons : None at all.