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Detector Falcon
  • Detector Falcon

Detector Falcon

Art. nr: 299

This is a ultra sensitive metal detector. It will find gold pieces which are smaller than 1 mm!.


Its mostly used by gold prospectors to test stones containing gold and other minerals.


Because its special for finding small objects, it can also be used to find other small metal objects which the normal detectors cannot find.


Search depth on our test object:No comparison with the normal detector.


Suitable for:

Guld and other minerals.

Small objects. 

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On demand, 3-4 weeks (0)
368,50 €

Product description


A mini-detector with  maximum sensitivity. It finds gold pieces and other clean metals which are smaller than 1mm! (of course even big gold pieces and other metals.)


The probe is water-proof and you can test bottom of the stream, e.g. can be used in the mine where it is little space, you can use it to test a loose stone containing gold, silver, copper and other minerals.


It gives different signals on minerals and clean metal(e.g. gold,silver and copper.)


2 years warranty.

Automatic ground balancing. It is very easy to operate.

Weight: 450 grams.

Size: 7x4x13 cm.

25mm search coil.

Belt bag, headphones and batteries are included.

We  do not sell  "low price detectors". Ours are complete with everything they came with from the factory.




Search depth is limited until the maximum of 7-8 cm.