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Garrett Ace 150Garrett Ace 150Garrett Ace 150Garrett Ace 150Garrett Ace 150
  • Garrett Ace 150
  • Garrett Ace 150
  • Garrett Ace 150
  • Garrett Ace 150
  • Garrett Ace 150

Garrett Ace 150

Art. nr: 380
A very simple and easy entry-level detector with high quality, which is perfect for the whole family. 
The detector is easy to set up. Turn on the "bounce and go". It has 3 different search modes. Great price. 

The metal detector will find a thumbtack at 9 cm, a silver coin of 17 cm and a small gully at 42-cm depth. More depth numbers, see specifications above. 
Suitable for:
 Lost items,
"Easier treasure hunting. 

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218,50 €

Product description

It is a robust and very good new beginner  detector, which has 3 different search modes. 
Ace 200i is built with high quality. It manages to be used daily. 

It is lightweight - it weighs just 1.2 pounds. You can work long time without getting tired arm. The detector has a simple indicator that shows how deep down in the ground an object is located. 

The price! 
2 year warranty. 
The booklet 'Metal Detector - practical advice and tips, "are included. 
DVD with a Swedish film about how to detect, are included. 
DVD with an English manual on the ACE 200i, is included. 
Batteries are included. 
We do not sell any "slimmed-down low-cost detectors." Ours  are complete, with everything that came with from the factory. 

English manual. No Swedish manual yet.