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Garrett AT ProGarrett AT ProGarrett AT ProGarrett AT ProGarrett AT Pro
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Garrett AT Pro

Art. nr: 397
Garrett AT Pro is a universal detector that is waterproof up to 3 meters. 
The metal detector will find a thumbtack at 18 cm, a silver coin at 26 cm and a small gully at 77 cm. More depth numbers, see specifications above. 
It has good discrimination and all the important features that one would expect of a detector. In short, a good buy. 
Suitable for: 
Treasure hunt. 
Jewellery and coins. 
Beaches and shallow water.
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596,50 €

Product description

Garrett AT Pro is a competent universal detector that could be used for almost anything. It works just fine both on land and under water, down to 3 meters deep. Therefore , it is also perfect for finding objects on the beaches and a bit out of the water.
The detector has all the important features :
6 different programs ( modes) .
20 discrimination "windows" that open or blocked as you want.
Fine searching ( pinpoint ) .
Automatic or manual ground balance.
Depth Control .
Power Meter .
2 year warranty.
The booklet ' Metal Detector - practical advice and tips , " are included.
DVD with a Swedish film about how to detect , are included.
DVD in English featuring a 55 -minute film on the detector.
Standard headphones are included. ( Headphones for use under water is sold as an accessory. )
We do not sell any " slimmed-down low-cost detectors ." Ours are complete, with everything that came with from the factory.
Does not work as well in salt water as in fresh water.
Looking not as deep as what the more expensive detectors do.

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