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Garrett SuperscannerGarrett SuperscannerGarrett Superscanner
  • Garrett Superscanner
  • Garrett Superscanner
  • Garrett Superscanner

Garrett Superscanner

Art. nr: 387
Detector to find weapons and metal objects, hidden in clothing or on the body. 
The mere sight of this detector may be "bad guys" to turn in the door. At the same time understand the honest people that you care about the security and feel safe. 
The detector is reliable and of the highest quality. Easy to use. 
detection depth: 
Do not compare to conventional detectors. 
Suitable for: 
Security at many places such as taverns, courts, stadiums and the like.
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On demand, 1-2 weeks (4)
192,50 €

Product description

Garrett Super Scanner is easy and fast. It sets itself , it's just hitting the power button. The detector has a built-in vibrator, built-in speaker and an LED that flashes when a metal object is detected.
When an object is detected, the detector provides either a beep from the speaker (or headphones) or so it vibrates . Anyone who detects , chooses .
You can connect headphones ( standard MP3 headphones are fine) . This is a great advantage when the detector is used in noisy environments , in a restaurant or similar . You do not have time to disturb the guests and can safely frisk people . It is then only the person using the detector belonging alarm signal.
There are jacks for both headphone and charger.
( Headphones and charger available as an accessory).

2 years warranty
Rain , splash and dust proof.
Warning signal when power is low.
Powered by a standard 9 Volt block battery .
We do not sell any " slimmed-down low-cost detectors ." Ours are  complete, with everything that came with from the factory.

English manual . No Swedish manual yet . ( It hardly needed a manual as it is so easy to use. ) .