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  • XP ADX150
  • XP ADX150
  • XP ADX150
  • XP ADX150


Art. nr: 491
XP ADX 150 is a very good detector that is easy to set up and get started. "Turn on, select search mode - bounce and go". Anyone can begin to detect directly. 
That it is so simple, does not mean it is "junk". On the contrary. 
It runs deep. 
The metal detector will find a thumbtack at 20 cm, a silver coin at 31 cm and a small gully at 95 cm. More depth numbers, see specifications above. 
Suitable for: 
Treasure hunt. 
Jewelry and coins. 
The nail in the timber. 
Manhole and covers.. 
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471,50 €

Product description

XP ADX 150 is so easy to use that it can seem a detector just for beginners. However, since it finds objects as deep and have a good discrimination, so it is much more than that. 
The discrimination is variable (with a special mode for finding all metals, from iron to silver and gold). 
Wireless headphones (included). 

Long Battery Life: Approximately 50 hours (!) 
Holsters for the detector to be attached to a belt; reduces detector weight (included). 
There is a larger search coil (optional) that allows the detector to find items about 20% deeper. 
2 year warranty. 
The booklet 'Metal Detector - practical advice and tips, "are included. 
DVD with a Swedish film about how to detect, are included. 
Batteries are included. 
We do not sell any "slimmed-down low-cost detectors." Ours are complete, with everything that came with from the factory. 
Cons: None.