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Gold Rush tour 2020 AustraliaGold Rush tour 2020 AustraliaGold Rush tour 2020 AustraliaGold Rush tour 2020 AustraliaGold Rush tour 2020 Australia
  • Gold Rush tour 2020 Australia
  • Gold Rush tour 2020 Australia
  • Gold Rush tour 2020 Australia
  • Gold Rush tour 2020 Australia
  • Gold Rush tour 2020 Australia

Gold Rush tour 2020 Australia

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Product description

We will fly from Stockholm on April 4 and will be back on April 19. We fly with Qatar Air via Doha and land in Melbourne. There we have rental cars waiting and we go up to a hotel in Bendigo where we will stay in a double room with breakfast.
The hotel we choose is:
Quality Hotel Lakeside
286 Napier Street
Victoria  Australia  
We chose this because it becomes more convenient for all of us and the range of food and pubs is greater in Bendigo.
Bendigo has about 100,000 inhabitants so we find it all the shops and amenities there. The town of Bendigo is built directly on the gold fields and was founded as a gold digger town and since 1853 gold was mined in the surrounding area for £ 2 million annually. One of Victoria's richest cities on the gold fields and there we will live.

We are going to dig gold, both with metal detectors and also wash gold with a sink and sink. When it comes to metal detectors, only Minelab's GPX / GPZ / SDC works well and at the time of writing we are negotiating prices if you want to hire a detector if you do not have or want to buy your own Minelab Pulse detector.

We will, of course, be free to go wherever we want in the area and our own ideas are welcome, we go there to find gold and if you have your own wishes then it goes well as long as you stay within Australia's regulations.
In Australia you need a "Miners Right" and it gives you permission to dig gold and use metal detector for 10 years on "Public Land" and about 50% of all land is "Public Land".
You can also go into "Private Property" if you have first made an agreement with the landowner and then you usually divide in different percentages of the gold you find.

Now Guldström has many contacts in Australia and one of our friends Lars is here to help us. Lars has lived in Melbourne since the 1980s and is a passionate Detectorist / Gold Digger with his head on a shaft and a background in electronics and Lars knows most about gold in Victoria. Lars is with us and will help with different things.

Minelab is located in Adeladie and they will help us with different tips and also with training so that we get started properly with our detectors and we will do a day's training with Minelab on the gold fields so that you get as much as possible from your detectors .

We will also be present when Lars detector club has its big Easter meeting in 2020 in the bush on the gold fields and there are usually 50 members from the club who go out and camp and detect and have a party for days three. It will be one of the big activities we do and then we will find gold and because we get so many we may be able to find a bigger nugget with.
The idea of ​​the club meeting is that we should learn from the others and also get valuable tips on good areas that we can then examine ourselves.
And if you want, this is a great opportunity to sleep in tents out in the bush, a great experience to sleep under the stars at a campfire on the gold fields.

There are also several good gold-carrying streams and streams where we will wash gold with sink, sink and hand pump and you will find a lot of gold and maybe some big "Pickers" so we will also wash gold if you want.

Guldström makes this trip together with Rex Travel in Stockholm and our man is named Mats Skagerlind. Since the trip is paid to Rex Travel, all insurance and air travel, hotels and rental cars go via Rex Travel and there will be some problems so we have Mats at home in Sweden who help.
We have made the same trip before and it was really successful so you can feel safe with us. If you now want to change your flight route or stay longer in Australia then you can do just fine with Mats on Rex Travel.

Do you want to find some gold?

Email or call Rolf Guldström.
Mobile +46702845116