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Fisher Gemini-3Fisher Gemini-3Fisher Gemini-3Fisher Gemini-3
  • Fisher Gemini-3
  • Fisher Gemini-3
  • Fisher Gemini-3
  • Fisher Gemini-3

Fisher Gemini-3

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Product description



Gemini -3 is very easy to set up and manage.


This is a metal which distinguishes himself from other detectors : It has two boxes, a transmitter and a receiver . These sit on a pole . The distance between the transmitter and receiver is large, gives it unmatched depth increase . The find ore veins , meteorites , oil tanks , steel drums and other large objects , down to about 6 feet below the ground surface.


It has no discrimination and therefore you will find all sorts of metals.


One advantage is that the rod can be removed. One can then set the transmitter on the ground ( straight across a place where you know there is for example a cable or pipe) and go with the receiver very long distances along the cable and find out - exactly - where it is buried .


It finds "unknown" objects, such as pipe / cable . Tracing a pipe or cable along a much longer section on the transmitter connected to the pipe / cable with a connector cable (included).


2 year warranty.

Swedish ( and English ) user guide .

Batteries are included.


We do not sell any " slimmed-down low-cost detectors ." Our are complete, with everything that came with from the factory.


Gemini -3 can not find small objects , such as a nail. (But it is also an advantage that the detector does not react to small things . )