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Garrett Sea HunterGarrett Sea HunterGarrett Sea HunterGarrett Sea HunterGarrett Sea Hunter
  • Garrett Sea Hunter
  • Garrett Sea Hunter
  • Garrett Sea Hunter
  • Garrett Sea Hunter
  • Garrett Sea Hunter

Garrett Sea Hunter

Art. nr: 390
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On demand, 1-2 weeks (0)
931,50 €

Product description

Sea Hunter Mark II is a pulse detector which has automatic calibration of saltwater and  grounds with minerals. .
Adjustable background noise that you can easily adjust.
Adjustable discrimination.
Discrimination : Two modes . One state has variable discrimination to block most caps and scrap metal " , while it gives signal on jewelry and coins.
The second mode seeking deeper and is ideal where there is little scrap in the  ground and then you can wrap a little more slowly with the search coil.
You can mount the electronics either below or above the shaft, or to carry in its carrying case.
There is either a plain, long handle when you go on land or a short handle when you dive.
2 year warranty.
The booklet ' Metal Detector - practical advice and tips , " are included.
DVD with a Swedish film about how to detect , are included.
20cm waterproof search coil , is included.
Waterproof headphones are included.
Impulse to the electronics so you can have it in your belt, are included.
Instructional DVD in English from Garrett, are included.
We do not sell any " slimmed-down low-cost detectors ." Ours are complete, with everything that came with from the factory

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