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Garrett SuperscannerGarrett SuperscannerGarrett Superscanner
  • Garrett Superscanner
  • Garrett Superscanner
  • Garrett Superscanner

Garrett Superscanner

Art. nr: 387
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Product description

Garrett Super Scanner is easy and fast. It sets itself , it's just hitting the power button. The detector has a built-in vibrator, built-in speaker and an LED that flashes when a metal object is detected.
When an object is detected, the detector provides either a beep from the speaker (or headphones) or so it vibrates . Anyone who detects , chooses .
You can connect headphones ( standard MP3 headphones are fine) . This is a great advantage when the detector is used in noisy environments , in a restaurant or similar . You do not have time to disturb the guests and can safely frisk people . It is then only the person using the detector belonging alarm signal.
There are jacks for both headphone and charger.
( Headphones and charger available as an accessory).

2 years warranty
Rain , splash and dust proof.
Warning signal when power is low.
Powered by a standard 9 Volt block battery .
We do not sell any " slimmed-down low-cost detectors ." Ours are  complete, with everything that came with from the factory.

English manual . No Swedish manual yet . ( It hardly needed a manual as it is so easy to use. ) .