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Garrett Superwand
  • Garrett Superwand

Garrett Superwand

Art. nr: 388
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On demand, 1-2 weeks (0)
299,50 €

Product description

Optimum sensitivity : detects ferrous , non ferrous metals , stainless steel, weapons, and other metal objects.
Self calibrating : A microprocessor takes care of all adjustments.
The 22- cm oblong sought coil detects with 360 degree coverage , plus it has an extra sensitive top that more accurately shows where the hidden object is located.
Easy and convenient to use. Started with the push of a button . The detector has three different colored LEDs. Green LED indicates that the detector is in operation , the yellow LED indicates low battery and the red LED indicates that an object is found ( an alarm) .
Clear audible or silent vibration and red LED on alarm.
Robust , shockproof construction.
Ergonomically designed grip fits all hand sizes .
Power switch and LEDs positioned so that they are easy to access and so they are clearly visible.
Simple battery replacement: A standard 9V battery (included).
2 year warranty.
Cons: English manual . No Swedish manual yet . ( It hardly needed a manual as it is so easy to use. )