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Art. nr: 301
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Product description

How to Use Gold Spear described in detail in the booklet Gold spear method .
There is no other detector in the world that is so sensitive and can find so little gold piece as what Gold Spear can. It is so sensitive that it can finda small piece of gold  down to 0.04 mm (!)
Gold Spear will find small gold, mineral and black sand down to 1.2 meters deep.
Probe is waterproof.
2 knobs for volume control.
Very easy to set up.
Good discrimination.
Draws very little power , the battery lasts about 80 hours .
If the soil is hard or rocky , you can not stick down probe. This allows Guldspjutets search locations are limited to sandbanks and looser soils. ( But , on the other hand , there are of course plenty of both larger and smaller sandbars . )
Technical data: Goldspear Mark 2.
Internal auxiliary amplifier delivers a very powerful sound.
Piezo speakers included.
Bag and quiver included.
The probe has gold-plated contacts .
Battery: 1 pc. standard transistor battery , 9 volt
2 year warranty.
Manufactured in Sweden