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Minelab Safari

Art. nr: 414
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Product description

Before we enumerate all its features and all that the detector can , so we can talk about that Safari is very simple to get started with. If you find it difficult with all the settings - for example, if you are a beginner - you can just push a button . This takes Safari in himself , according to a default which engineers at the factory recommends . Then, just to " honk and drive ." So - Anyone can use the detector after a few seconds.
Safari looking very deeply.
There is a meter on the display that shows how deep the object is located. The display is large and easy to read .
The display will show what kind of objects given signal : Either as a symbol ( such as a coin , a ölring or a nail , etc., etc. . There are many symbols). Or as a number ( there are 51 digits).
Safari has a very good discrimination. You can easily " learn " detector different objects electrical properties , ie 'fingerprint'. You can then allow the detector to respond only to these objects, while completely ignoring everything else. Or , you can allow the detector to filter out signals from these objects , and look for anything else .
It has 4 built-in memory compartments in his computer (yes, it has its own built-in computer ) where you can store four different discrimination settings ..


Safari is working on no less than 28 frequencies - simultaneously ! This allows Safari with very great certainty can determine what is the sort of items it receives a signal from. The result is then displayed on the detector display and you can then decide yourself if you want to dig up the object or not.


You can make a large amount of settings - and save these in the detector's memory . This , to customize the detector to your training . Once you have taught you what Safari is capable of, you have a metal detector that you will enjoy using for many, many years ...


It has fine tuning function ( Pinpoint )


Automatic and / or manual ground balance.


Searchlight Poland is waterproof and can be immersed to about 1 meter below the surface.


Safari is ergonomic. You can use the detector long time without getting tired.


Rechargeable Nickel- Metal Hydride batteries are included. The batteries last about 14 hours . On Safaris display shows how much life there is in the batteries. Extra battery holder ( which you can carry spare batteries ) included. Battery Charger for 240 Volts included. Charger, 12 volt ( cig.- lighter socket in the car ) is optional .


Built-in speaker . 


3 year warranty. 

The booklet 'Metal Detector - practical advice and tips, "are included. 

DVD with a Swedish film about how to detect, are included. 

Batteries are included. 


We do not sell any "slimmed-down low-cost detectors." Ours are complete, with everything that came with from the factory. 



You can not learn how Safari's all features on one morning. 

But - and this is an important but - Minelab's designers have been kind enough to bust a button and if you press it, it will load Minelab's own factory attitudes. Then suddenly this technological marvel a "way - bounce and go" detector. You do not have to set a thing! 


Safari is some pound heavier than other, more simple detectors. (But it is simultaneously robust) 


It is not so good at finding low-grade stones (for minerals). (But it finds good mineralized rocks and meteorites without problems) 


It costs more than a simple detector. (But it can be so much more)