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XP Deus

Art. nr: 490
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Product description

A very big technological breakthrough has occurred in the detector world! Experienced detector people who have seen this new technological marvel, amazed .
The detector itself and its batteries are built into the search coil !
This makes XP Deus is completely wireless , all the way from the coil to the headphones. (This does not apply to submarine , see below. )
The control unit is "great" as a regular mobile phone . With the set detector exactly as you want it to work . It snaps onto the shaft. But , if you want so it can be unloaded from there and you can have it in your pocket. The controller provides wireless contact with the search coil and headphones on many feet away. With this "large" control panel , you can access all features and functions as XP Deus has . It has a built in speaker and ( of course) an illuminated display .
On headphones (!) Is also a small controller. With it you can make the most and the most important settings on the detector. You can run the detector with only the small controller. ( But the " expert settings " can only be done in the "big" . )
Discrimination . The detector has 99 different "windows" . Each of these windows provide only signal from a certain kind of metal / alloy , different for each window . When all the windows are " open", so the detector signal on all sorts of metal objects , ranging from iron to gold and silver.
Each of these windows can , independently , be open or closed . Example, you can close the window which gives the signal at ölringar so you will not be bothered by them.
XP Deus has four different frequencies :
4 kHz is best suited for finding ferrous and large objects.
8 kHz is best suited for general detection; jewelry, coins and deep subject .
12 kHz is best suited for general detection and to find smaller objects.
18 kHz is best suited to find small jewelry and coins , earrings and metallic fragments.
The reaction rate . The metal detector can instantly give the signal and distinguish different objects that are very close to the ground , an ability that most other detectors are not as good at.
10 pre- programmed modes, for all metals, treasure hunting , beach-combing, gold prospecting , etc. . Additionally, you can program the 8 custom modes.
Razor sharp signals.
The detector has been fine tuning ( pinpoint ) .
XP Deus is an incredibly smart and convenient telescoping handle that can easily be pushed together .
The metal detector weighs less than 1 kg ! 
under water
Should you use the detector in the shallow waters , down to maybe 1 ½ meters deep , so you have to have a special clip with a small cable that attaches to the search coil (optional) .
Should you use the detector in deeper waters , down to 25 meters, then:
1. The control panel must be in a waterproof plastic case (optional) .
2: You must have a special clip with a small cable that attaches to the search coil (optional)
3:You must have a pair of waterproof headphones (accessory).
5 (!) Year warranty.
The booklet ' Metal Detector - practical advice and tips , " are included.
DVD with a Swedish film about how to detect , are included.
English manual .
XP Deus will find the subject very deeply.
There are optional larger coils that finds objects even deeper is what standard coil does. ( But , then , the detector can not find very small objects just as well. )
XP Deus has more advantages and features but we will also describe them as getting this short description to an entire novel.
We do not sell any " slimmed-down low-cost detectors ." Ours are complete, with everything that came with from the factory. 
English manual. 
To exploit and understand all the functions and features so you need to read (and understand) the instructions for use. 

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