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The recycling industry also needs metal detectors
You know what the problem is...
Foreign objects in a finished product can have devastating effects for future deliveries. To maintain market positions and reach new customers, it requires a well-functioning quality system.

We can help you solve the problem!

Impurities separators


Separates the magnetic and non-magnetic metals, also enclosed. Separates foreign materia and protects the production facility. Reduces production waste significantly.


Varisort is used for scanning crushed chips. Through a combination of different sensor systems in a complete equipment, the exact customer specific requirements of purity and sorting is met.

VARISORT M. Impurities separator which reliably removes all metals from the stream of chipping. Not only detached metal particles are removed safely, but also metal contained in, or mixed with wood.

Impurities separator which is based on the true-color camera recognition. It automatically separates foreign objects such as rubber, plastic and double-sided laminated fibreboard from the wood chip stream.

VARISORT MC Separates both metal contaminants and other foreign objects in one operation. The result is an optimal purified chip fraction.
The principle for sorting.

All metal separator

Eddy Clean
The Eddy Clean all metal separator removes all metals (stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass, lead, etc.) from various recycled materials. It is used where high flow capacity and low metal content in the final product is sought.
Typical applications include recycling of glass, electronics, wood and plastic.
Eddy Clean function principle:
1. Vibrator
2. Sliding plane
3. Detector coil (section divided)
4. Exhaust system
5. Metal contamination
6. Metal-free materials
For removing glass and PET.

Eddy current separators

We supply equipment of the new generation of eddy current separators, systems used for non-ferrous metals for use in, for example, waste management and recycling industries.


Through the introduction of a brand new 18-pole magnet cylinder, efficiency has increased significantly. In many applications, the separation can reach almost 100% efficiency. In recent tests conducted in the glass recycling industry the efficiency was 99.8%.


In addition to the new generation of our eddy current separators, we supply systems equipped with the conventional 12-pole magnetic cylinder. These systems are suitable for removing non-ferrous particles bigger than 9 mm. Our metal separators with the new generation of magnetic cylinder is optimized to separate particles larger than 2 mm. 

For waste handling and the recycling industry.
All of our systems for separation of non-ferrous metals are fitted as standard with:

Continuously adjustable conveyor belt speeds from 0 to 2 m / s
Continuously adjustable speed of the induction cylinder from 0 to 3000 revolutions / minute.
Vibration sensors for detection of imbalance.
Dual emergency switches on both sides of the machine.
Finding and removing foreign objects in products can be solved in several ways. Describe your particular problem, so that we can propose a customized, complete solution.