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Garrett Pro Pointer

Article number: 385

A small metal detector with superb fine tuning to precisely determine where a metal object exists. Pinpointer used (mostly) together with a standard metal detector. 
Detection depth, our test subject: No data available. 
Suitable for
Final searching  while detecting. 
Nails in boards and the like.

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  • Description
    Garrett Pro-pointer is a fine tuning detector that provides both an audible alarm and a vibrating signal when you get close to a metal object. The signal increases in intensity and the pace when it comes ever closer to the metal object . Pin-pointer has a sensitive tip and a scraping blade that detects metal objects when you " scratch or cams " earth.
    Pro-pointer is very effective to accurately locate even very small metal , down to 3 mm.
    It has a built-in LED flashlight that is handy in low light conditions .
    A microprocessor allows Pin-pointer operates at maximum sensitivity without the need for adjustments.
    Water resistant ( IP 66 class)
    Garrett Propointer is ideal for finding metal objects in a variety of contexts.
    You find metal objects quickly and with great accuracy.
    You do not have to dig large holes in the ground.
    You 'll quickly see if there is more than one finds in the same hole.
    You can search indoors and in confined spaces , for various metal objects.
    You can locate eg metal pipes , rebar , nails and metal studs in walls and ceilings.
    Low weight : 200 grams with battery .
    Great price .
    2 year warranty.
    Batteries are included.
    We do not sell any " slimmed-down low-cost detectors ." Ours are complete, with everything that came with from the factory.
    It searches does not go as deep as large detectors. ( It doesnt, because it is intended for once - or fine searching .)
    English manual . ( It hardly needed a manual as it is so easy to use. ) .