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Metal detectors, gold panning, Guldström history, newsletter and forum
Here you can find more information about how a metal detector works, how to dig for gold, where to find gold, and what equipment you need. We do not just sell things to you, but we want to help you succeed, and if you read the "Guldström's history" you will understand that we have already made the long journey. We have tried just about everything on the market and the equipment that we have used, tested and approved it you will find on our site.
How does ametal detector work?
Read about search depth, different frequencies, discrimination, ground balance etc.
Facts about gold
Where do you find gold? How do you find gold? This and other questions will answered here. Read more
Guldström history
We have more than 45 years of experience in panning for gold, it all started in 1970 with a pan and a gold spear... Read more
Gold panning - learn how to dig for gold
In Ädelfors we have swedens most experienced gold miners that will teach you everythin. Read more
The organization Ädelforsingar
In Ädelfors there are very experienced prospectors who teach gold panning for real. Read more
A treasure hides behind this link, here you will find 10 years of newsletters about gold and detectors. Read more