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Pickaxe Diamond

Article number: 380/Pick

The Pickaxe Diamond hoe is perfect for both gold diggers and metal detectorists.

This tool helps you to break up difficult ground and you can access among rocks and can easily dig out what you are looking for with this pickaxe.

It is light and very strong.

Neodymium magnet at the top of the pickaxe

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  • Description
    The dictionary says that both "pick" and "pickaxe" have the same meaning, being a tool with a long handle at right angles to a curved iron or steel bar with a tip at one end and a chisel or pointing at the other, is used for to break up hard ground or rock.

    The term "Pickaxe" comes from the Latin picus and means "woodpecker". Although modern choices usually have a head with both a pointed end and an adze (type of ax) similar to a flattened blade at the other end, the current spelling is affected by "ax" and "pickaxe", "pick-ax" or sometimes just " pick "that covers all versions of the tool.

    In prehistoric times, a large deer horn from a suitable species (eg red deer) was often cut down to its shoulder and its lowest stick and used as a pointed pick, and with it sometimes a large animal's shoulder blade as a raw shovel. During the war in the Middle Ages, pickaxe was used as a weapon.

    The pickaxe they worked with could easily be adapted to a weapon as protection against wild animals and therefore became popular.

    The weight is only 850 grams in total.

    We see no disadvantages with this tool.