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Do you think our logo is similar to the road sign for highway? It is no coincidence. Guldstrom  & Co AB is the main route into the industry.
We have been operating for 45 years and the whole time we have dug gold and used detectors. Therefore, we have great experience. We know what we are doing and we know our products. We will certainly be "a while" more.
All the products we import, we have tried carefully. Some of them have held up and we have in stock. Others have been deflated so they we have rated.
Many products, such as Gold-spear, panning, panning troughs, dredgar mm, we have constructed ourselves. They're definitely scratch. We have written books and recorded instructional videos. We have trained 1000's of gold washers and detector enthusiasts.
We are open 6 days a week. Sometimes even at night. Applies also support and advice, which of course is free. We answer when you call. Try us out!

As we said, we can what we are doing


Regarding detectors: 

Guldstrom & Co AB's a Swedish family business. Swedish Consumer Law applies to us.
We know about detectors.
Our detectors are fully equipped. We do not sell "hard stripped-down" models at discount prices.
We have most of the detectors in stock for immediate delivery.
We have spare parts, accessories and our own service center.
And - we deliver what we promise!
To buy"cheap" detector abroad: 
Why buy a metal detector in Sweden, when (maybe?) Can buy it cheaper in eg the U.S.? Well there are a number of things you should consider:
Shipment: All companies detector are sent by air. They have no direct interest to seek out the cheapest flights. Air freight is expensive. (Our prices include shipping to you.) 
Customs: When importing, you will pay customs on the detector and shipping fee and administration fee. 
Tax: Since you have to pay VAT on both the detector and the freight and customs. It will be a lot.
This warranty: The guarantee promised by the United States, does not always apply in Sweden. It's actually true. 
Discount firms: have really only one interest and that is to sell as many detectors as quickly as possible. Their interest to help if something goes wrong, it is considerably cooler. And it is understandable. They have no margin to customer service. You're on your own. 
Service: if there is an error on the detector. Calling to the U.S., sending the detector and to pay shipping there and back again, it costs a lot. 
We speak Swedish: We can explain the peculiar concepts, such as that a particular metal detector has "double derivate Fourier domain signal analysis". Try to get an American low-cost companies to explain it, so you understand what it means! Not even wikipedia knows what it is. 
Experience: We have extensive experience working with detectors in the field and we have done many and extensive testing of different detectors. We have knowledge that low-cost firms do not have. This will get you on your purchase from us and you have great use of. 
Security:We follow Swedish law. If you are not satisfied with what we do for you, you can complain and get redress. Try calling the Consumer Agency and complain about a foreign low-cost carriers! 
Security: You do not have to give out your credit card number to someone unknown. We are certified and for us sent the card number through an encrypted connection directly to the bank. You can also buy directly from our webshop. We have multiple, secure payment methods you can choose. 
You can also come to our store in Ädelfors, testing different detectors, buy and take with you the detector directly. 
We answer the phone if you call us. 

Rolf Guldström.