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10.5" Coil, X-Terra DD 7.5kHz Round

Article number: 3011-0102

A large double-D coil that allows you search by a larger area in less time. This coil has medium frequency, and it makes it good at finding objects deep down. 

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  • Description

    10.5" Coil, X-Terra DD 7.5kHz Round

    Discover hidden treasures with the 10.5" Coil, X-Terra DD 7.5kHz Round. This large double-D coil allows you to search a larger area in less time, making your treasure hunting adventures more efficient and exciting. The coil operates at a medium frequency of 7.5 kHz, giving it the ability to detect objects deep down.


    • A large double-D coil for searching larger areas
    • Medium frequency of 7.5 kHz for deep object detection
    • Size: 26.5 cm
    • Lightweight design weighing only 600 grams
    • Easy installation in just 2 minutes - no tools required

    Unleash the full potential of your metal detector with the 10.5" Coil, X-Terra DD 7.5kHz Round. Its large size and medium frequency allow you to uncover hidden treasures that other search coils may miss. Whether you're searching in fields, parks, or beaches, this coil will enhance your detecting capabilities and increase your chances of finding valuable artifacts.

    Please note that smaller objects may not be detected as effectively by this coil compared to search coils with high frequencies. However, the overall performance and versatility of this coil make it an excellent choice for any treasure hunter.

    About the Manufacturer: Minelab

    Minelab is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality metal detectors and accessories. With a commitment to innovation and superior performance, Minelab continues to provide metal detecting enthusiasts with reliable tools to uncover hidden treasures.

    Fits all old Minelab X-Terra 30, 50, 70, 305, 505, and 705