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Small objects

Highly sensitive metal detectors that will find very small, tiny metal objects.

On this page you will find metal detectors that are particularly suitable for detecting really small objects. Sometimes it's the smallest details that matter the most, and finding lost jewelry, coins, artifacts, or other small metal objects requires a precision that standard metal detectors may not be able to provide.

Small objects

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When you need to find really small items

Small objects often have a great meaning to us, whether they are family heirlooms, historical gadgets or valuable jewelry. They can be dropped in the lawn, lost on the beach or hidden at historical sites. Finding these little treasures can be an exciting experience, and this is where metal detectors suitable for small objects become invaluable.

Technology and benefits

Metal detectors that specialize in small objects are equipped with technology designed to be extra sensitive to small metal objects. Their precision and accuracy make them indispensable tools when searching for really small objects that have been lost over time.

These metal detectors often have advanced features that enable the discrimination of different metals and patterns, reducing the risk of overlooking valuable finds. They are also portable and easy to use, making them excellent companions when exploring different locations.

Explore our range

Explore our collection of small metal detectors and let us help you choose the best metal detector for your adventures. Whether you are a hobbyist, archaeologist or just an enthusiast who loves to find small treasures, our specialized metal detectors will give you an edge.