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Ädelforsingarnas nyhetsbrev nr 7



Two things this time


Letter No. 5 is now updated and I have included the photographs that have come in to the "editorial".

I have received a request from a Blue Wire in the Kungsbacka tract. It read as follows:

"Hey. I'm a guy in Kungsbacka who's going out with some human and some washing stuff friends (Gold Sluice Box, gold pans and shovels) and prospecting. So I wonder if you could possibly give me some good tips near Lygnern and Stensjön? It would be very neat in such cases.

I'm with the noble fells, so I wonder if you couldn't ask about the interest in prospecting nearby, in the next newsletter?"

Are there any Blue Threads who are interested in bringing Kristoffer out?
Then contact him and "talk to each other". If you decide to go out and prospect, let the "editor" know as soon as possible. Then I will post the time and place in the next letter.

That was all for this time.

Very best,