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Ädelforsingarnas newsletter no 4


Hello all happy Ädelforsingar

Yes, this weekend I got a little more information about how things went in Laxarby, last weekend. They found - together - hundreds of gold nuggets in the gravel. The largest was 2.3 mm. There was gold both a bit up the banks and (mostly) in the gravel in the creek. Probably the gold vein itself stretches along the bottom of the stream. Jonny will dig further and perhaps - he has said - he will again arrange an exploration in the same creek.

The newspaper "Dalslänningen" had sent out its star reporter to the stream and there were almost 2 full pages, on September 22, about our prospecting. Nice pictures but worse with the spelling.

Jonny is also thinking of arranging another exploration in Dalsland at a place where ... (Secret for now.)

One or possibly two autumn explorations are underway east of Lake Vättern. More on these later...

Here in Ädelfors, digging continues - especially down in the mounds - but it is of course a bit more sparse between the gold diggers than it was last summer.

Pia Guldström is out every other day with her metal detector and comes home with around 15 coins each time. Sometimes she also finds jewelry, including a gold ring and a silver locket. The oldest coin she found is a 3/4 shilling banco. Well, it always contributes a little to the household coffers.

A new dredge is about to see the light of day. We have built a working prototype of a brand new underwater dredge. (We have also built about 15 prototypes that did not work very well.) It will now be adapted for production and will be ready within a couple of months. When we try it in Emån, it is noticeable that autumn is near. It's a bit "fresh" in the water. The long gloves are a blessing...

The number of members is steadily increasing. I think it's funny.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I didn't have much more to say today. Keep in mind that this newsletter will not be much more content than what is sent to me. It is therefore up to you to help a little. Send pictures and stories!

Very best,