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This is the "association" Ädelforsingarna's first mailing.



(Save it carefully! It may have considerable collector value in a few years :-))

Jonny Eliasson has a bribe in Dalsland, where he has found gold and highly mineralized stones in a stream. The stream bed is to some extent bare rock with fully visible quartz passages. In the gravel between the stones in the stream, there is both coarse and fine-grained gold.

Jonny needs some help finding out where the ore (which is apparently in the creek) is more precisely located. There is thus a need for gold washers who wash in different places.

Map of the area
On the weekend of September 16 - 17, we will therefore meet on site in Dalsland. The meeting place is the sports field in Laxarby (located on road 164 between Bengtsfors and Åmål - see attached map) at 11 in the morning on Saturday the 16th. From there we go in a group to the entrance, which is "some distance" from there. Those who want to come up already on Friday, meet at the same place at 7 p.m.

Bring your own washing equipment; pan, sieve, chute, gold streamer (the creek is ideal for one), dredge, metal detector or whatever you have and want. Bring your own food and tent.

Kirsten Eliasson will cook lunch on Saturday and arrange for chops to grill in the evening. If you want to partake of the food, it costs SEK 50. It is also possible to set up a 20-man military tent, where you can sleep. This costs nothing. First come first served with registration...

Those who want to participate in this prospecting MUST contact Jonny or Kirsten on phone 0370 - 336 175 between 6 - 9 pm (please respect these phone times, as both work shifts). The absolute latest registration date is September 13. There is nothing stopping you from registering now. Tell me if you/you:
Want food (2 goals - 50:-),
If you/you want to come on Friday or Saturday,
How many you/you will be,
If you need a place/places in the military tent,
Also leave your phone number in case there are any changes that you don't know anything about at the moment.

My belief is that this will be a height prospecting!

Well met,

PS. If something has gone wrong with this, the first shipment, please excuse me and let me know so that I can correct it for the next time. All children in the beginning... DS.