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When you go metal hunting, comfort and control are factors that can play a role in a successful experience. The shaft of your metal detector can be a part in this, and our range of high quality metal detector shafts are designed to optimize your treasure hunt.

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Shafts for metal detectors - optimized control and comfort

When you go out on your gold prospecting or metal prospecting, comfort and control are crucial factors for a successful and comfortable experience. What kind of handle you have on your metal detector can make a difference. Here we have our range of extra shafts if you need to change.

Ergonomic design for comfort

Our shafts are designed with ergonomic precision to offer superior comfort during long metal detecting sessions. The right design minimizes arm and shoulder fatigue and lets you focus on finding treasure instead of struggling with discomfort.

Adjustable length

Many of our shafts have adjustable lengths, making it possible to adapt your metal detector to your own body height and preference. This gives you optimal control and balance and allows you to adapt your equipment for different terrains and purposes.

Lightweight and durable construction

We offer shafts made of light, yet durable materials. This helps minimize the strain on your arms and makes it easier to handle your detector for longer periods of time.

Compatibility with various metal detectors

Our shafts are compatible with various metal detectors and brands, giving you the flexibility to customize your equipment. No matter which model you have, you can find a shaft that fits.

Shaft accessories and adaptations

To further optimize your metal detecting experience, we also offer various accessories and customizations for our shafts. It can be anything from wrist straps and armrests to specially designed covers and mounts.

Explore our range of shafts for metal detectors

Our metal detector shafts are designed to improve your comfort and control as you embark on your treasure hunting adventures. Take a look at our range and find the shaft that best suits your detector and your needs. If you are missing something, please contact us. We can bring out most things. With the right shaft, you can increase your efficiency and have a more comfortable experience when searching for gold and other objects.