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When you want to keep your metal detector in top condition, a reliable charger is an indispensable part of your equipment. Our range of chargers are designed to meet your needs and offer high performance and ease of use. We have different types of chargers in our range and if you are missing something, you are most welcome to contact us, we can get what you are looking for.

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Charger, Car NiMH

ProsWith this charger you can charge your batteries from a car's cigarett...
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Powerful chargers for your rechargeable batteries

Take a look at our range of chargers and their features:

Multi-function LCD display: Several of our chargers are equipped with clear and illuminated LCD displays that give you simple and clear information about charging status and battery information.

USB charging function: To make your explorations and adventures even easier, we have chargers with USB charging function. This makes it possible to charge smoothly in, for example, the car.

Fast charging: Some chargers are equipped with fast charging functions. This means shorter loading times and less waiting before you can head out on your next metal detecting adventure.

Safety features: We prioritize safety and most chargers include multiple levels of overload protection for rechargeable batteries and also battery care features to extend battery life. The charger then automatically switches to maintenance charging when the batteries are fully charged to prevent overcharging.

Chargers for car use: In our range you will also find chargers that are designed to work smoothly in your car. This gives you flexibility and the ability to charge your devices even while en route to your metal detecting destinations.

Whether you need to charge your rechargeable batteries for metal detectors, other electronic devices or on the go, we have the right solutions for you. Explore our range of chargers and find the one that best suits your needs.

Charge for success

With our powerful chargers, you can keep your rechargeable batteries and electronic devices in optimal condition. With quick charging features, safety features and user-friendly LCD displays, our chargers are the perfect addition to your metal detecting equipment and travel needs. Contact us if you have questions, are missing something in the range or need help in any way.