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Ädelforsingarnas newsletter No 12



Photo: Ingvar Wennersten.

This wonderful picture - bravely sent in by Ingvar Wennersten with the hope of pleasing all other Ädelforsingers - depicts Emån on an early morning this summer. The morning fog lifts and soon it is full of eager washers. Or - are gold diggers already at work (outside the picture) washing so that it smokes?
What do I know, what do I know...


Bonanza dredge

This picture - with Rolf Guldström trying out our new dredge - was taken the other day. It's great to have grown sons! If I hadn't had him, I would have been in the cold water. Now I could stand on dry land and just shout orders.

Do you have any photos that you would like to please the rest of us with? Send them to me and I'll post them...

Very best, Guldis