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Everything you need for minor repairs

Our repair kits and spare parts are selected to include all the necessary parts and tools to perform minor repairs and maintenance on your metal detector. They usually contain spare parts such as handles, coils and other wear-resistant components that may need to be replaced or repaired.

Instructions for self-repair

We understand that not everyone is an experienced technician, so our repair kits often come with detailed instructions to help you carry out the repairs correctly. This allows even beginners to take care of their metal detectors.

Save time and money

By using our repair kits and spare parts for your metal detector, you can avoid costly repair services and the time it takes to send your detector in for repair. You can carry out minor repairs yourself quickly and efficiently.

Prevent disruptions to your treasure hunt

When you're out in the wild searching for treasure, you want to avoid your metal detector suddenly ceasing to function due to an easily repairable damage. With our repair kits and spare parts, you can be prepared and minimize the risk of interruption to your treasure hunt.

Storage and transport

Our repair kits come with practical storage solutions, such as bags or cases, to keep your repair tools and parts organized and protected. This way you can easily take your kit with you when you go on your metal detecting adventures.

An investment in your metal hunting

Having spare parts or a repair kit on hand is a wise way to invest in your metal detecting success. By maintaining and repairing your metal detector when needed, you can extend its life and ensure that it is always ready to find treasure and items of value.

Explore our range of repair kits

Our collection of metal detector repair kits and spare parts is designed to fit most needs when you may need to repair something. Explore our range and find the one that suits your metal detector best. With the right tools and spare parts, you can be sure that your metal detector is always performing at its peak. Contact us if you need guidance on which parts you need for your particular metal detector.