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11" Coil, Commander GPX Coil

Article number: 3011-0073

11 inch Monoloop Commander Coil
Fits all GPX 4000, GPX 4500 and GPX 5000 also GP and SD detectors from Minelab.

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  • Description

    11" Coil, Commander Mono

    11" Coil, Commander Mono is a high-quality search coil that helps you find hidden treasures and objects underground. With its impressive technology and robust construction, this coil is perfect for amateurs and professionals.


    • Size: 11" (279mm)
    • Mono design: Optimal detection depth and sensitivity to small objects.
    • High-quality construction: Made of durable material that can withstand tough conditions.
    • Easy to use: Quick and easy installation on different metal detectors.
    • Optimized Search: Efficient search area and precision for finding treasures.
    • Noise reduction technology: Minimizes disturbances and provides clear signals in the event of impacts.

    Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur prospector or a professional treasure hunter, the 11" Coil, Commander Mono will help you find exciting objects and archaeological finds efficiently and reliably.