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11" Coil, DD Round Commander for GPX

Article number: 3011-0113

11 inch Double-D Commander Coil. Suits Minelab GPX 4500 and GPX 5000 detectors.

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  • Description

    11" Coil, DD Round Commander

    The 11" Coil, DD Round Commander is a specialized search coil designed for metal detectors. It is specifically designed for search and find activities in various terrains. This coil is perfect for treasure hunting, relic hunting, and beach detecting.


    • Precise Target Identification
    • High Sensitivity
    • Improved Depth Detection
    • Excellent Ground Coverage
    • Waterproof Design
    • Durable Construction
    • Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver
    • Enhanced Target Separation
    • Efficient Coil Swing
    • Compatible with various metal detectors

    The 11" Coil, DD Round Commander is designed to provide accurate and reliable target identification. With high sensitivity, it can detect even the smallest metallic objects buried deep in the ground. The coil's improved depth detection capabilities allow users to reach targets that were previously inaccessible.

    With its excellent ground coverage, this coil ensures that no area is left unsearched. It is also waterproof, making it suitable for underwater treasure hunting and beach detecting. The durable construction ensures that the coil can withstand rough handling and extreme outdoor conditions.

    The 11" Coil, DD Round Commander is lightweight and easy to maneuver, reducing fatigue during long search sessions. It offers enhanced target separation, allowing users to differentiate between multiple targets in close proximity. The efficient coil swing ensures smooth and effortless operation.

    This coil is compatible with various Minelab GPX, SD and GP metal detectors, making it a versatile choice for any treasure hunter or metal detecting enthusiast. Whether you are searching for coins, jewelry, or relics, the 11" Coil, DD Round Commander is a reliable tool that will enhance your metal detecting experience.