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12 volt battery Lead, Gold Monster

Article number: 3011-0366

Charge cable Leads for 12 volt for Gold Monster 1000

This is the replacement 12 volt cable lead to charge the stock li-ion battery for the Gold Monster 1000.

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  • Description

    Charge leads for 12 volt for Gold Monster 1000


    Product Description:

    The charge cable for Gold Monster is a versatile accessory that is designed to enhance your metal detecting experience. It is manufactured by Minelab, a trusted brand known for their high-quality metal detecting equipment.

    Key Features:

    • Battery Lead: With the included battery lead, you can easily connect your metal detector's batteries to the charger or car adapter. This ensures a secure and reliable connection, preventing any power interruptions during the charging process.
    • Compatibility: The cable Battery Lead, Gold Monster is specifically designed for use with the Gold Monster metal detector. It is custom-made to fit and work seamlessly with this particular model, providing optimal performance and convenience.

    Whether you are a professional treasure hunter or a hobbyist, the charge leads for Gold Monster is an essential accessory that will enhance your metal detecting experience. It offers convenient charging options, ensuring that your metal detector is always ready for your next adventure. Get the most out of your Gold Monster metal detector with this reliable and efficient charge leads.