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12 volt blige pump 2.000 GHP

Article number: 163/l

A real good blige pump that keeps what it promises and it will feed your sluice box. 12 volt and takes 8 Ah per hour. Delivers 125 liters of water or 2.000 GPH 

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  • Description

    this is one of the absolutly best blige pumps we found and you can trust us, we have tried a lot of them. We have been running these pump for a long time and they will last.


    • Exclusive moisture tight seals
    • Compact, efficent, long life motor
    • Easy clean snap lock strainers
    • Completly submersibility
    • Silent and vibrationless operation
    • Ignition protection
    • Anti-airlock protection
    • No burn-out when run dry
    • Stainless steel shafts
    • Rust and corrosion protection
    • CE certification
    This blige pump will not make you disapointed, trust us.