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12 volt blige pump 3.700 GHP

Article number: 163

A real good blige pump that keeps what it promises and it will feed your Higfbanker or sluice box. 12 volt and takes 16 Ah per hour. Delivers 230 liters of water or 3.700 GPH 

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  • Description

    this is one of the absolutly best blige pumps we found and you can trust us, we have tried a lot of them. We have been running these pump for a long time and they will last.


    • Exclusive moisture tight seals
    • Compact, efficent, long life motor
    • Easy clean snap lock strainers
    • Completly submersibility
    • Silent and vibrationless operation
    • Ignition protection
    • Anti-airlock protection
    • No burn-out when run dry
    • Stainless steel shafts
    • Rust and corrosion protection
    • CE certification
    This blige pump will not make you disapointed, trust us.