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15"x12" Double-D Commander Coil

Article number: 3011-0078

15" X 12" Double-D Commander Coil
For Minelab GPX 4000, GPX 4500 and GPX 5000 and GP/SD metall detectors.

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  • Description

    15" Coil, Commander DD

    This 15" Coil, Commander DD is a powerful and versatile search coil designed for metal detectors. It has been specifically engineered to provide optimal performance and accuracy in a variety of environments and conditions.

    Key Features:

    • Precision: The 15" Coil, Commander DD is designed to accurately detect and locate metal objects with high precision.
    • Wide Coverage: With its 15" size, this coil can cover a greater area during each sweep, allowing you to explore larger areas in less time.
    • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, this coil is built to withstand the rigors of regular use in various terrains.
    • Waterproof: The 15" Coil, Commander DD is fully submersible, making it suitable for underwater metal detecting.
    • Compatibility: This coil is compatible with a wide range of metal detectors, allowing you to easily upgrade your current system.
    • Enhanced Sensitivity: The Commander DD technology enhances sensitivity and depth detection, enabling you to find targets buried at greater depths.
    • Easy to Install: The coil comes with a simple installation process, allowing you to quickly attach it to your metal detector and start detecting.

    Whether you are a professional metal detectorist or a hobbyist, the 15" Coil, Commander DD is a reliable and efficient tool that will enhance your metal detecting experience.

    Minelab's Commander Coils have been designed by Minelab's team of scientists and engineers for optimal performance and to meet the exact requirements of MPS technology used by GPX metal detectors

    Commander Coils are well made, robust and designed to excel in the harsh conditions of the goldfields. They are made with high-quality components, including gold-plated plugs, low-noise shielded cable and multi-strand Litz wire.

    This special Litz wire has an advantage over other wire because its high surface area provides greater transfer capability. This results in more powerful, sensitive and energy efficient coils.