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8" Coil, FBS DD and Lower Shaft

Article number: 3011-0226

8" FBS Double-D Coil & Lower Shaft

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  • Description

    8" Coil, FBS Double-D and Lower Shaft

    Product Description:

    Introducing the 8" Coil, FBS DD and Lower Shaft - a high-quality and reliable accessory for your metal detector. Designed specifically for use in the field of treasure hunting and archaeological exploration, this coil and lower shaft combo offers exceptional performance to help you uncover hidden treasures.

    With its advanced FBS (Full Band Spectrum) DD technology, this coil provides excellent target separation and improved depth detection. Its dual-ellipse design ensures better ground coverage and enhances signal response, allowing you to detect targets with greater accuracy.

    The 8" Coil, FBS DD and Lower Shaft is compatible with a wide range of metal detector models, making it a versatile choice for both professionals and hobbyists. Whether you are searching for coins, relics, or other valuable items, this coil and shaft combo is sure to enhance your detecting experience.

    Main Features:

    • 8" coil size for optimal coverage
    • FBS DD technology for improved target separation
    • Dual-ellipse design for enhanced ground coverage
    • Compatible with various metal detector models
    • High-quality and durable construction for long-lasting use
    • Easy to install and detach
    • Perfect for treasure hunting and archaeological exploration

    Enhance your metal detecting capabilities with the 8" Coil, FBS DD and Lower Shaft. Invest in this exceptional accessory and uncover hidden treasures with ease and precision!

    Full Band Spectrum (FBS)

    Most detectors on the market operate on a single or dual frequency, from 1 to 70 kilohertz (kHz).
    Although this technology has served the industry for years, Minelab found that a frequency that worked well in one area would often offer only marginal performance when used in another location. Soil mineralization, debris content and target size all had an effect on how effectively a detector transmitting a single frequency would work.

    FBS technology combines Minelab's BBS multi-frequency (Broadband Spectrum) technology with a powerful new microprocessor to provide:
    • Greater detection depth
    • High sensitivity over a wide range of targets
    • Less interference from electromagnetic sources
    • More accurate identification of target properties

    The FBS circuit automatically transmits several frequencies simultaneously. This increased frequency range means that the signal received from the detector coil is analyzed from a wide range of responses. This allows E-Trac to analyze more target information so that the target identification (object ID) is more accurate. Minelab's unique FBS technology means increased search depth, sensitive, accurate detection.