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8 Inch Commander Monoloop Coil

Article number: 3011-0072

Suitable for Minelab GPX 4500, GPX 5000 and older GP and SD series metal detectors. The 8" Commander Monoloop coil is extremely sensitive to the smallest gold nuggets and is ideal for working around rocks and trees.

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  • Description

    8 Inch Commander Monoloop Coil

    The 8 Inch Commander Monoloop Coil is a high-quality search coil designed for use with metal detectors. It is the perfect accessory for treasure hunters and metal detecting enthusiasts.

    Product Features:

    • Premium Quality: Manufactured by Minelab, a trusted name in metal detecting equipment, this coil is made using superior materials to ensure durability and performance.
    • Optimal Detection: The 8-inch size of the coil allows for precise and accurate target detection. It can effectively locate small objects while providing excellent depth and sensitivity.
    • Monoloop Technology: Equipped with Monoloop technology, this coil offers enhanced target separation and improved target identification. It reduces interference from mineralized soil and provides clear signals.
    • Easy to Use: The 8 Inch Commander Monoloop Coil is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it comfortable to use for extended periods. Its ergonomic design ensures fatigue-free searching.
    • Compatible: This coil is specifically designed to work with Minelab metal detectors, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. It is compatible with a wide range of Minelab detector models.
    • Versatile: Whether you are searching for coins, relics, or gold nuggets, this coil is versatile enough to handle various hunting conditions. It is suitable for both land and shallow water detecting.

    Upgrade your metal detecting experience with the 8 Inch Commander Monoloop Coil. Discover hidden treasures with ease and enjoy efficient target detection and superior performance.

    Minelab's Commander Coils have been designed by Minelab's team of scientists and engineers for optimal performance and to meet the exact requirements of MPS technology used by GPX metal detectors

    Commander Coils are well made, robust and designed to excel in the harsh conditions of the goldfields. They are made with high-quality components, including gold-plated plugs, low-noise shielded cable and multi-strand Litz wire.

    This special Litz wire has an advantage over other wire because its high surface area provides greater transfer capability. This results in more powerful, sensitive and energy efficient coils.