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9" Coil Old X-Terra Series 3kHz

Article number: 3011-0099

Ideal for highly conductive targets such as silver, copper, large rings and relics. Performs well in all soils with the exception of highly mineralised soil. Also very good in water and on the beach.

Water Protection
Water proof: Submersible to 1 meter.

With this low frequency coil , detector search deeper than it does with its standard coil. 

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  • Description

    9" Coil, X-Terra Concentric 3kHz

    A high-quality search coil for old Minelab X-Terra models

    Product Overview

    The 9" Coil, X-Terra Concentric 3kHz is a round search coil designed to enhance the performance of your metal detector. With its low frequency of 3 kHz and a size of 22.5 cm, this coil allows you to search deeper than ever before.

    Compatible Metal Detectors: X-TERRA 705, X-TERRA 505, X-TERRA 70


    • Low frequency 3 kHz
    • Size: 22.5 cm
    • Enhances the detection capabilities of your metal detector
    • Weighs only 450 grams, same as the standard pole
    • Easy installation in just 2 minutes, no tools required


    With the 9" Coil, X-Terra Concentric 3kHz, you'll experience the following benefits:

    • Enhanced detection depth compared to the standard coil
    • Lightweight design for comfortable use
    • Quick and easy installation without the need for tools


    However, it's important to note the following limitations:

    • May not be suitable for finding small objects


    The 9" Coil, X-Terra Concentric 3kHz is manufactured by Minelab, a reputable company in the metal detection industry.