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9" Coil, X-Terra Concentric 7.5kHz

Article number: 3011-0098

Old X-Terra models standard coil

Suitable for all the Minelab X-Terra series . This medium frequency (7.5kHz) lightweight waterproof Concentric coil is the standard X-Terra metal detector coil for reason – depth, great target separation and accurate pinpointing – the perfect general purpose coin hunting coil.

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  • Description

    9" Coil, X-Terra Concentric 7.5kHz

    The 9" Coil, X-Terra Concentric 7.5kHz is a round search coil designed for use as standard with the X-Terra  metal detector. With its medium frequency of 7.5 kHz and size of 22.5 cm.

    This coil is perfect for all types of metal detecting situations.


    • Standard coil for the X-Terra 70
    • Optimal performance in all situations
    • Weighs only 450 grams
    • Easy installation in just 2 minutes
    • No tools required

    Manufactured by Minelab, a leading brand in metal detecting technology, you can trust in the quality and reliability of this product.

    Medium frequency of 7.5 kHz. 
    Size 22.5 cm. 
    This is the standard coil that you get when you buy an X-Terra 70 and with this coil detector works best in all situations. 
    Cons: Non we have heard about.