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Armrest Minelab Equinox

Article number: 3011-0385

Armrest Minelab Equinox

Replacement armrest kit for Minelab Equinox 800 and 600

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  • Description

    Armrest Minelab Equinox

    Product Overview

    The Armrest Minelab Equinox is a high-quality replacement armrest specifically designed for the Minelab Equinox metal detector. It is a crucial accessory for detectorists who strive for comfort and convenience during their treasure hunting adventures.


    • Designed and manufactured by Minelab, a trusted name in metal detecting equipment
    • Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance
    • Provides added comfort and support while using the Minelab Equinox detector
    • Easy to install and adjust to fit your individual preferences
    • Allows for extended detecting sessions without discomfort or strain


    • Product: Armrest Minelab Equinox
    • Brand: Minelab
    • Compatible with: Minelab Equinox 800 and 600
    • Material: High-quality, durable construction
    • Color: Black


    The Armrest Minelab Equinox is manufactured by Minelab, a renowned brand specializing in the production of high-performance metal detectors. With a reputation for innovation and reliability, Minelab has been trusted by treasure hunters and gold prospectors all over the world for over 35 years.