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Battery Pack, 4xAA Rechargeable 2450mAh

Article number: 3011-0406

4 x AA 2450mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Minelab rechargeable AA NiMH batteries have an approximate charge time of 8 hours, and a run-time of approximately 11 hours.

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  • Description

    Battery Pack, 4xAA Rechargeable 2450mAh

    This Battery Pack from Minelab is a reliable and high-quality power solution for your Metal Detector. It features four rechargeable AA batteries, each with a capacity of 2450mAh.

    Specially made for Minelab Vanquish

    Main Functions:

    • High capacity: Each AA battery in this pack has a capacity of 2450mAh, providing long-lasting power for your devices.
    • Rechargeable: The batteries in this pack are rechargeable, allowing you to use them multiple times and save money on disposable batteries.
    • Reliable performance: Minelab is known for producing top-notch products, and this battery pack is no exception. It delivers consistent and reliable performance.
    • Wide compatibility: This battery pack is suitable for a variety of devices, including cameras, toys, remote controls, and more. It's a versatile power solution for your everyday needs.
    • Convenient design: The compact and lightweight design of this battery pack makes it easy to carry and store. It's an ideal companion for travel and outdoor activities.

    From Minelab in Australia