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CD-Handbook in goldmining

Article number: 901

A CD with about 250 pages of text and pictures. Also included three videos. This gives you everything you need to know about how to look for gold, digging gold and gold panning.

Manual in gold mining was a huge success and became our best selling book. It has now been replaced with this CD, which is called Gold Mining.

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  • Description


    This is a CD-book, called Gold Mining. This is a PDF file, that you read on your computer. It contains "everything" that you want (and should) know about gold digging.

    It also contains three videos that you can watch on your computer. They are: How do you pan for gold, How to run a sluice box and How to find gold with a gold spear.


    You can print individual pages, sections of, or the whole book. This, we feel is very environmentall! This CD has a search function for easy to find information. It has almost 250 pages and lots of pictures and tables. On these pages we penetrate deeper into the world of gold mining. Completely new findings reveal how and where to look for gold in our country. Among other things, we explain the phenomenon of "surface gold". With this knowledge, you will find much more gold.

    The basic idea of ​​the CD is to cover everything about gold mining! "What is not explained in the text, photos and videos, is probably not worth knowing."


    • Facts about gold  
    • Swedish gold map  
    • About minerals  
    • About ore and ore formation  
    • About ore gold  
    • About erosion  
    • About the ice age  
    • About streams  
    • About ancient streams  
    • Where does the gold settle  
    • About "spots of gold"  
    • About "surface gold"  
    • About different maps  
    • About map prospecting  
    • About prospectering
    • About good places  
    • About downstream rivers  
    • About the reality   
    • About claims  
    • About mineral hunting  
    • About panning
      (This is the first video) 
    • About amalgation  
    • About equipment  
    • About metal detectors
      (This is the second video)  
    • About sluice boxes 
      (This is the third video) 
    • About the gold streamer  
    • About dredges and other machines  
    • About geological associations  
    • Geological dictionary  
    • American dictionary  
    • Useful addresses and phone nr.
    • Charts and much, much more



    Some of you would rather have this as an book, but it isn't published any more.