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Coil screw kit, E-Trac / Explorer / Safari

Article number: 3011-0148

Coil screw kit, E-Trac / Explorer / Safari

Manufactured by Minelab to fit highest standards of durability for E-Trac / Explorer / Safari and Quattro FBS Coils

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  • Description

    Coil Screw Kit - E-Trac / Explorer / Safari

    About the Product

    The Coil Screw Kit for E-Trac / Explorer / Safari and Quattro FBS Coils. A must-have accessory for all treasure hunters. This kit includes everything you need to securely attach the coil to your detector, ensuring reliable performance out in the field.

    Coil Screw kit that includes:

    • 4 plastic bolts
    • 4 plastic nuts
    • 4 plastic washer

    Product Features

    • High-Quality Construction: Manufactured by Minelab, a leading brand in the metal detecting industry, this coil screw kit is made to meet the highest standards of durability and reliability.
    • Compatibility: Designed specifically for E-Trac, Explorer, and Safari metal detectors, this kit ensures a perfect fit and compatibility with your detector.
    • Easy Installation: The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions, making it simple for you to install and replace the coil screw without any hassle.
    • Secure Attachment: The coil screw kit ensures a tight and secure attachment between the coil and the detector, preventing any wobbling or loosening during your treasure hunting adventures.
    • Enhanced Performance: By having a well-attached coil, you can expect improved signal transmission and better depth detection, maximizing your chances of finding valuable treasures.

    Manufacturer: Minelab

    Minelab, a renowned manufacturer in the metal detecting industry, is known for producing high-quality products that are built to last. With their expertise and commitment to innovation, you can trust that this coil screw kit will meet your expectations and enhance your metal detecting experience.