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Coiltek 15" W.O.T Coil for Minelab Sovereign

Article number: 450

Coiltek 15" W.O.T Coil for Minelab Sovereign

Fully submersible coil, very robust coil. Excellent depth, includes Skid plate and Nut & Bolt. Great for open terrain searching, more coverage than standard coil. Lightweight for easy swinging, well balanced and good sensitivity to smaller targets.

This coil detects extremly deep.

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  • Description

    Coiltek 15" W.O.T Coil for Minelab Sovereign

    Upgrade your metal detecting experience with the Coiltek 15" W.O.T Coil specifically designed for the Minelab Sovereign. This high-quality coil is brought to you by Coiltek, a trusted manufacturer in the metal detecting industry.

    Fits all Minelab Sovereign GT, Sovereign Elite, Sovereign XS2aPro, Sovereign XS2a.

    Key Features:

    • Enhanced Detection: The 15" W.O.T Coil provides superior detection capabilities, allowing you to cover more ground and locate targets with increased accuracy.
    • Durable Construction: Built to withstand rugged outdoor conditions, this coil is made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging environments.
    • Wide Operating Temperature Range: The Coiltek 15" W.O.T Coil can handle a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for use in various climates.
    • Easy Installation: The coil is designed for effortless installation on your Minelab Sovereign metal detector, allowing you to quickly swap out coils during your metal detecting sessions.
    • Improved Depth: With the 15" size, this W.O.T coil can scan deeper into the ground, increasing your chances of finding buried treasure.
    • Compatible with Minelab Sovereign: This coil is specifically designed for use with the Minelab Sovereign metal detector, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

    Take your metal detecting skills to the next level with the Coiltek 15" W.O.T Coil for Minelab Sovereign. Invest in this high-quality coil and start uncovering hidden treasures today!

    Made by Coiltek in Australia