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Coiltek Goldstalker GPX Coil

Article number: 420/SGold

Coiltek 18x12" Goldstalker Elliptical Mono Coil


The Goldstalker coils are a series of lightweight coils that have been made for prospectors who care about weight and performance.  


Coiltek is a company based in Australia who specializes in making metal detector coils and this coil have been there best selling coil for the great proven depth on the goldfields.

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  • Description
    Build for the Minelab GPX 4500/4800 and 5000 detectors these Monoloop coils have opened up new possibilities in gold hunting. 
    Proven by users on the goldfield this Goldstalker coils will find small, medium and large gold nuggets and other targets on a greater depth then what other coils will do.
    This have been tested in the goldfields by user in real life and the 18x12 inch col is very popular in Africa where gold prospecting is for real and not a hobby.
    To say it short - a very good investment. 
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