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CTX 06 Smart Coil

Article number: 3011-0114

CTX 06 Smart Coil
This waterproof 6-inch round D-D coil is very sensitive to small targets, and perfect for finding treasure anywhere under water or in high trash areas. It is also ideal in difficult terrain.

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    CTX 06 Smart Coil


    The CTX 06 Smart Coil is a high-performance search coil manufactured by Minelab. Designed for metal detectors, this coil is specifically engineered to enhance your search capabilities and improve your treasure hunting experience.

    Main Features:

    • Advanced Search Performance: The CTX 06 Smart Coil provides exceptional search performance, allowing you to detect objects at greater depths and cover larger areas in less time.
    • Enhanced Sensitivity: This smart coil is highly sensitive to various metal types, enabling you to detect both small and large targets with accuracy.
    • Waterproof Design: The CTX 06 Smart Coil is fully submersible, making it suitable for underwater metal detection, allowing you to explore beaches, rivers, lakes, and other wet environments.
    • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, this coil is designed to withstand rugged terrains and prolonged use, ensuring long-lasting durability.

    Made by Minelab: Minelab is a trusted manufacturer known for producing top-of-the-line metal detecting equipment, and the CTX 06 Smart Coil is no exception.

    Fits Minelab CTX 3030