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Edge Digger Leache Knife

Article number: 399

This unique trowel shaped digger has a serrated edge for improve digging capabilities. Rugged and reliable, this digger will help expose your treasure targets quickly. Ideal for use in forests, streams, fields and beaches.

Includes Garrett carry sheath for belt mount use.

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  • Description

    Edge Digger Leache Knife

    Product Description:

    The Edge Digger Leache Knife is a high-quality tool manufactured by Garrett. Designed specifically for digging and cutting for detectorists, this digging knife is a must-have for every metal detector enthusiast or professional detectorist. With its durable construction and versatile design, it offers excellent performance and functionality.

    Main Features:

    • Sharp blade for effortless cutting and digging
    • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip
    • Sturdy and durable construction
    • Perfect for cutting through roots and tough soil
    • Designed for metal detecting and excavation tasks
    • Compact size for easy storage and transportation


    • Strong carbon steel
    • Length of 31,5 cm
    • Width of the blade 5,5 cm
    • Front and the lower side is serrated
    • Rubber handle 11cm
    • Belt pouch with wide loop


    Content of delivery:
    Garrett Digging knife


    Whether you are a professional detectorist or a enthusiast, the Edge Digger Leache Knife is a reliable and efficient tool that will make your digging and cutting tasks easier. Its versatile functions and durable construction ensure long-lasting performance, while its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip during prolonged use. Add this essential tool to your detecting arsenal today!


    Made in USA by Garrett Metal Detectors