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Finepanning kit

Article number: 136F

This finepanning kit contains everything that you need to fine pan your gold, or the concentrate from your sluice or dredge.

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    2 pieces of Klondike Special
    Panning pan of super plastic, which is incredibly strong. It weighs only 300 grams and obviously floats if it is accidentally dropped in the water. Diameter of 36.5 cm, depth 8 cm. The pan has a somewhat "rough" surface. It has five deep gold traps that effectively captures all the gold. This is certainly the best pan ever made and we are proud and happy that it is so popular. This is our best and most sold pan. Klondike Special is the only pan that does not need to be scrubbed clean before usage.
    Standard color is blue. (You may notify us if you want a black or green pan instead.)


    Magnet for magnet separation

    Dry the black sand. Place the magnet in two thin plastic cups and place the cups over the black sand. The black Sand "jumps" up and settles in the plastic cups. Then place it over to a piece of paper and lift up one cup from the other. Black sand falls down on paper.

    You should be really careful so repeat this three times so that you are absolutely certain that no gold comes with black sand.


    Black Sand consists mostly of magnetite, a mineral rich in iron and therefore is almost twice as heavy as ordinary sand. When black sand starts to appear in the pan it is a signal to take it even more slowly. The black sand contains gold, and because the difference in weight between gold and black sand is smaller than that between gold and ordinary sand or gravel, the risk is greater that you remove the gold.


    A sieve

    Made completly out of durable plastic, with 1 x 1 mm mesh at the bottom. the sieve is used to filter out stones, coarse gravel, and to quickly and efficiently decompose clods of mud and plant parts. Panning is then twice as fast. 


    Glass bottles with screw cap 72 x 20 mm.
    The glass is colourless and of high quality. Ideal for keeping and displaying gold specimens. The cap has an airtight gasket.


    A classic and affordable Watchmaker loupe, when you want to watch your stones and gold nuggets. 7.5 times magnification.


    2 pieces of Pipettes
    A very handy tool which is used to suck up small gold nuggets out of the pan. The gold can then be transferred to the jar or gold tube. Of transparent plastic. 15 cm long.
    Cons: The pipette do not last forever. Buy 2 or more.


    A special liquid that is used to reduce the surface tension of water. In a handy 50 ml. plastic bottle. It is used when one is going to pan microgold. Without Tenside fluid there is a great risk that microgold can be lost by being panned away. The bottle contains enough for thousands of pannings. This Tenside is totally harmless to the enviroment, it is biodynamic and is highly recommended!