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Garrett 1/4" Headphone Adapter

Article number: 380/HA

1/4" Headphone Adapter to transform your Garrett AT detector so you can use normal headphones

Allows land-use headphones with a 1/4” male jack to be used with the Garrett ATX, AT Gold, AT Pro, AT Pro International and Sea Hunter models. (Not intended for submerged use.)

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  • Description
    OPERATION NOTES: Inserting the headphone plug into the connector will provide sound from the headphones only and will automatically disable the detector’s speaker. This automatic speaker-disable feature requires the input impedance of the headphones to be 10,000 ohms or less.

    Note that some non-Garrett headphones may not meet this requirement and will require the addition of a 10,000 ohm termination resistor inside the connector to disable the speaker.